Love Glasses Revolution

  • November 21, 2016
  • /   Winter 2016/2017 Issue
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Alabama Coasting was proud to be a sponsor and supporter of the recent World Food Championships in Orange Beach. As expected, the week produced an outstanding series of food competitions, introductions to chefs and foodies from around the world and a taste-tantalizing array of food experiences.  Our "little extra gift” was meeting Tara and Adnane Ijai founders and chief ambassadors for the ‘Love Glasses Revolution’ – a movement created to share love in the world through inspirational ‘love glasses’. Their mission with these heart shaped sunglasses is simply to empower each other to see the world with love.
The love glasses are a symbol to remind you that you can filter out the hate and negativity. Wearing them helps you share a crucial message to the world that you live on your terms and you write your own narrative. As Tara tells it: "The world can sometimes be a cold and lonely place. For this reason, at Love Glasses Revolution, we try to encourage love and random acts of kindness. We inspire people to respect, love and appreciate one another through our love glasses. They symbolize the message we represent – to SEE love and to BE love!” Our Alabama Coasting team was proud to join the Love Glasses Revolution! We invite you to join us by getting your own "love glasses” at